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Terms and Conditions

  1. Monitor conditions to assure the safety and welfare of the child;


  2. Enforce the frequency and duration of the visits as ordered by the court;


  3. Avoid any attempt to take sides with either party;


  4. Ensure that all contact between the child and the non-custodial party is within the provider’s hearing and sight at all times, and that discussions       are audible to the provider, unless a different order is issued by the court;


  5. Speak in a language spoken by the child and non-custodial party;


  6. Allow no derogatory comments about the other parent, his or her family, caretaker, child or child’s siblings;


  7. Allow no discussions of the court case or possible future outcomes;


  8. Allow no provider nor the child to be used to gather information about the other party or caretaker or transmit documents, information, or         

     personal possessions;


  9. Allow no spanking, hitting, or threatening the child;


 10. Allow no visits to occur while the visiting party appears to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs;


 11. Allow no emotional, verbal, physical, or sexual abuse;


 12. Ensure that the parties follow any additional rules set forth by the provider or the court.


 13. Allow no derogatory or negative behavior towards the SMV. If so, then the Monitor can choose to privately reprimand NCP or immediately         

     terminate visitation and fees will be incurred to NCP. See rate schedule.

 14. Consistency and routine are vitally important for children like yours who are experiencing big changes in their family lives. While always         

     important, the child’s need for a sense of dependability and predictability is greatly increased during family transitions, so all of our policies are         designed to support and encourage consistency and routine for the child.


 15. All visitation and exchange appointments will be strictly enforced as to the arrival and departure procedures to prevent adult contact.


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