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Rate / Fee Schedule

1. The rate for Off-site PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISED VISITATION SERVICES ranges from $60 to $100 per hour. Weekend rates are at $65.00 per hour. These rates are based on the type of Supervised Visitation Assignment, number of children, and distance traveled by the Professional Monitor. The Holiday rate for Supervised Visitations is one and a half times or double the standard rate.


3. The rate for EXCHANGE SERVICES begin at $50.00 per exchange dependent on the location and nature of the case and the cooperation of both parties, the rates can rise up to $65.00 per exchange.

4. The fee for Supervised Visitation cancellations in non-emergency situations is $100. A cancellation fee will be charged if scheduled Supervised Visitations are not cancelled with a 24 hour advanced notice, with the exception of medical/health problems and/or personal/family emergencies.

The Monitor will determine whether your reason is acceptable. Work related issues do not always considered an emergency. The Parent not in compliance will be responsible for paying the cancellation fee before the next Supervised Visitation can be scheduled. There will also be a fee of $150.00 for the Incident Report.​

5. If there is a “No Show” by either NCP or CP there is a fee of 100% of the scheduled visit to be paid to the SVM prior to scheduling the next visit. Unless, there is a doctors note stating illness/injury or emergency that is acceptable to the Monitor.

6. The fee for Supervised Visitation termination/ended due to non-compliance with Court Orders and/or Supervised Visitation Guidelines is $150.00. Incident Report Fee, PLUS a $150.00 fee for Professional Monitor Services.  The Parent not in compliance will be responsible for paying Supervised Visitation termination fees before the next Supervised Visitation can be scheduled.

7. The fee for Custodial Parent/Designee and/or Non-Custodial Parent for being more than 5 minutes late at the beginning or ending of scheduled Supervised Visitations is $2.00 for each additional minute after a 5-minute grace period.

8. Fee for Incident Report is $200.00 for the 1st two pages, $75.00 per page after to be paid by the party involved in Incident. Also, fees to be paid in accordance of the per page rate.

9. Fee for “Breach of Contract” in regards to ”Serving Court Documents” during the time frame and location of pick-up or exchange of minor
is $200.00.

10. The fee for Professional Monitor’s Court appearance via Subpoena is $500. Must be paid in advance.

11. All Supervised Visitation fees are due and payable via Cash on the onset of the visit or prearranged through Venmo, which must be cleared 1 day prior services. The Parent(s) responsible for paying for Professional Supervised Visitations Services is required to pay the necessary fee(s) before the visit can begin. In some cases payment is required 24-hours in advance.


13. The fee for the Visitation Reports are: $200.00 for the first 2 pages and $75.00 each additional page with a 7-day advance notice. Copies will be given to both parties and forwarded to attorneys representing each party.

14. Phone conferences by either parties Attorney, or the Court Mediator, the client represented will be billed at the hourly rate of $45.00 per hour.


​15. Exchanges only are at a rate of $50-65.00 for each exchange.

16. All other services are billed at an hourly rate.


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