I would like to introduce myself, my name is Christine Carlson of “A Caring Visitation and Transportation Monitoring Service.  In cooperation within the guidelines given by the courts under standard 5.20 and 3200.50  “Supervised visitation is contact between a noncustodial party and one or more children in the presence of a neutral third person.”

     As your Supervised  Visitation Monitor (SVN), my responsibility is to ensure that each child’s  health, safety, emotional state and welfare are the top priority. I expect each party to abide by the parents rules of conduct listed in the documents. I will work to effectively set limits with both parties,  Requesting the parents always keep their opinions, hostilities and negative comments out of the presence and hearing of the child/ren. By your providing your child/ren with a positive and stable environment before, during and after the visit, allows them to be less affected by the situation. My Motto is “ we only have one childhood, let’s allow our children to have the best one possible.”


"I couldn't have possibly hoped for a better supervisor than Christine.  She is very professional, prompt, and highly positive in her role as a visitation supervisor.  Whether it is a trip to Legoland, dinner in a restaurant, or a day in my home, Christine always strives to make a quality and loving visit with my children as possible. She is absolutely wonderful with children, and my own kids very quickly began to see her as a cheerful and friendly woman whom they looked forward to seeing on visits with me.  She gets my highest recommendation and thanks."

P.J. - August 2017

Mission Statement

My desire is to respect the valuable time that each parent has during a visit and to make the parent and child/ren as comfortable as possible. To effectively set limits with both parties and to enforce court orders. As the Visitation Monitor, I will schedule visits to observe and document the behavior of the Custodial parent (CP) and Non-Custodial parent (NCP)’s interactions with the child/ren during the scheduled visits.


• Nine years working three days a week in a pre-school.

• Have been a foster parent to three special needs children.

• For over twenty years,
I have run a non-profit
community outreach to at-risk
and homeless youth.